Writing an annotated bibliography helps you to develop a paper that has credible supporting evidence for your arguments. An annotated bibliography lets you make a preliminary assessment of the suitability of the sources you are going to use when writing your paper. When writing an annotated bibliography, you consider aspects such as the purpose of the source to be used, the qualifications of the authors to write such an article or a book, and the relevance of the source to your paper. In this respect, an annotated bibliography helps you to know how you will use each of the source to support your opinions thus helping you to come up with a paper that is present in a cogent manner.

What questions do you need to answer when writing an annotated bibliography? Some of the questions you will need to consider are what the authors main argument is, which gives an idea as to the reason the author(s) wrote such a work. Secondly, you will need to answer how credible the source is: Is it published in a peer-review journal?, is it an academic book? are the authors qualified to write on such a topic?. Thirdly, you need to answer the question about how the authors findings or arguments will help you to advance your arguments in your paper; that is, how are you going to use that source? what arguments are you going to use the source to support? answering such questions helps you come up with a winning annotated bibliography that will provide a foundation for an excellently written paper.

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