You should know the fact that at the time of writing a research paper there is a different method to cite them. But you should know about the right manner of citation to get the higher grades for writing research papers. There are different styles of writing a research paper and you should predefine this. Most of the time, it is always told to the student that which style of writing should be opted by them and how to cite a research paper.

There are some common styles of writing which are frequently used.


2-    MLA

3-    AMA

These are the most popular styles in which you can cite a research paper. It is better to know the fact that each style of writing has some basic elements. This also depends on the research topic and other things that you are going to mention in your search paper.

Common ways

Apart from knowing how to cite a research paper, you should also know about some very common things that should be included in the research paper and here we are going to mention about them in details.


At the time of writing the research papers outlining is essential. This is indeed a good idea and gives you an opportunity to understand everything in the right manner. You will also be able to understand the various things that are needed to be organized.

Writing paper

There are various parts in a research paper that need your attention. You should know how to manage and organize them in the right manner. This can be

1-    Title paper

2-    Abstract

3-    Body

4-    Conclusion

5-    Reference page

You should also know the fact that every page is special and has its own importance in this context. Now here the guidelines of the style will be very helpful. But you should always pre-define the style of writing that you have chosen. It is better to ask the instructor and follow the guidelines which are necessary.

It is better to keep in mind that sources should be good and searchable. The method of writing the research is also specific and you should know about them. There is a particular method of writing the references and you should follow a particular style to write them. There are many examples and another piece of information available that you should use and mention them in your research paper.